Thank you for visiting my page. I'll be brief not to bore you with details of my life.

My name is Pavel Voronkov.

I was born on January 26, 1957 and is living in Moscow from that very day. You have already seen on the previous page how I looked like in 1996. And I looked like this in 2001.

I studied in the Moscow Aviation Institute and graduated from its Applied Mathematics department in 1980. After that I worked for many companies. If you are interested in details please have a look at my CV.

My job often required travelling to Switzerland. From that country I visited France and Germany once, but I haven't found anything special there. It looks like working in Europe is not as exciting as having a rest there, but unfortunately I have never had a rest in Europe, only work. That's why I prefer to live and work in Russia. Everything in this country is my. I also visited many places in the former Soviet Union, from Far North to Middle Asia. I omit details.

As for having a rest, Crimea used to be my favourite place, especially its Southern Coast. However in January 2001 I managed to visit Bali Island and now I'm not so sure Crimea is the best place in the world. Nevertheless it's not the worst one. I'm dead sure. I'd like to visit Kenya, Israel, Egypt, Cuba and Australia once. I'll begin saving money for that tomorrow.

I like to drink cognac or good wine in a nice company. It looks like I have drunk all my vodka and beer already. I don't find any delight in them anymore. I prefer local cognac: Armenian, Georgian, from Crimea, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, but only good sorts. French are good too, but not all of them. I honour Massandra wines. If speaking about foreign wines, I like Sauternes, Port, Jerez-Xeres-Sherry. It is a mystery for me why girls like Martini... I like to eat something exotic too. Not long ago in Singapore I discovered Chinese eat nothing of the kind they serve in Chinese restaurants in Moscow or in Europe. Chinese food suddenly happened to be delicious and diverse. I hate McDonald's and the like.

I smoke Russian cigarettes Belomorkanal for many years and not going to change this habit, but at leisure I prefer my pipe with Borkum Riff tobacco or a Havana of traditional sort. I have tasted Dutch and Indonesian cigars, but find them far from being satisfactory. I have a hookah, but it's not for me in fact. The process is rather interesting, but the result...

I like reading books that assume thinking. I never read detective stories, love novels, methods of saving money at expense of time and other similar trash. Let professionals catch criminals, lovers make love, but in reality rather than in books. I play computer games in very rare moments because of the same reason: the life passes by and I grudge spending time on the things you never recall after 10 years. The books are another interesting story. Unfortunately, they are mostly in Russian, so I don't include any reference to them here.

I don't like illiteracy so widely spread over the Internet and in modern Russian books. Therefore I ask everybody who notices any errors or misspellings on my page write to my mail address. I appreciate any other remarks, criticism, wishes or requests too.

I'm altogether rather conservative. In this I adhere to the opinion that a person who was not radical in his youth has no heart while the one who remains a radical at a mature age has no brains. I believe this idea belongs to Winston Churchill, but maybe I'm wrong.

My best success in life is my two sons. The younger one's name is Alexey. You can get acquainted with him here and with his wife Lizette here. The elder one is Konstantin. This is his and his wife Carina's photo.

If you have time and intention, please write something nice in my guest book (sorry, doesn't work anymore) or send a mail to the mentioned address.

Sorry the Russian version of my home site is better and more comprehensive than the English one. I'm afraid of not being able to express particular things in English adequately, for example the notes about the books I read.

See you later. You are welcome at any time.

Sorry for my having never updated the English version since I have returned to Russia for long

Thanks to my son for hosting this page

Last modified 2017-05-05