Pavel Voronkov

Born January 26, 1957
Residence: Moscow, Russia
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Objective: System Analyst, Project Manager, Software Engineer

System and Algorithmic Methods:

Operating Systems: MS Windows (all), UNIX, Linux, MS-DOS, iRMX-86, OS/360/370, VM/370, DOS ASPO
Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, MS Access, MySQL, FoxPro
Case and Management Tools: Rational Rose, Oracle*Case, EASYCase, MS Project, MS Visual SourceSafe, Perforce SCM System, Bugzilla bug tracking system, TrackStudio, MS Visio, etc.
Development Tools: Oracle Discoverer (Administrator and Desktop), Oracle Report Designer, MS Visual Studio (C++, C#, Windows SDK, MFC, .NET Framework), gcc, c4gl, MS Access, MS Visual Basic, ZorTech C/C++, Borland C++, Turbo Pascal, MS FrontPage, MS HTML Help Workshop, GSS*CGI, etc.
Programming Languages: C/C++/C#, Basic, Pascal, FORTRAN, PL/1, PL/M-86, various Assembly languages, Algol-60, SPL HP, etc.
Hardware: IBM PC, Sun SPARCstation, RS-6000, Small Series Computers, IBM mainframe

Education: MS in Applied Mathematics, Moscow Aviation Institute, 1974 – 1980

BrainBench certificates (C Language and English Vocabulary): Public Transcript ID = 2802537


Extensive experience in system analysis and software engineering.


2005 – now. Itocom, Ltd., 9 Warshavskoye Sh., Moscow, Russia
Chief of Software Department
Supervising a few programmers... (once I'll describe this in more detail).

2004 – 2005. Macomnet, Ltd., 6-3 Miusskaya Sq., Moscow, Russia
Software Engineer
Designing and developing presentation of financial information for the accounting department and top company management (Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Reports).

2001 – 2003. Abris, Ltd., 24/1 Chasovaya St., Moscow, Russia
Leading Programmer
Designed and developed ATL/ActiveX objects for information analysis in microbiology.
Developed user interface for an instant messenger application. Took part in the general design and development of the database and communication protocols.
1996 – 2001. ECHO Technologies SA, 297 Route de St-Cergue, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland
Project Leader
Supervised a team (3-4 persons) developing a business application covering client, supplier, employee, and stock management, accounting and company asset parts; took part in every stage of planning and implementation. Designed and developed a number of tools simplifying building of the help system, wrote help texts.
Supervising a team (10-12 persons) developing a system supporting a reliable information exchange protocol: general system design and coordination of the implementation process, contacting the customer.

1994 – 1996. Cybernetic Intelligence GmbH, Sonnenrain 22 CH-6103 Schwarzenberg, Switzerland
Group Leader, System Analyst, Software Engineer
Supervised a team (3-5 persons) developing an application for tracking payments in business, took part in every stage of planning and implementation.
Performed the strategy and analysis stages of a telecommunication system project by means of Oracle Case*Method. Developed an MS Word Basic interface to the telecommunication system.

1993 – 1994. Kiberso, Ltd., 18 Markhlevskogo St., Moscow, Russia
Leading Programmer
Designed data structures and user interfaces for a geographic information system.

1991 – 1993. Abris, Ltd., 24/1 Chasovaya St., Moscow, Russia
Leading Programmer
Designed and developed data structures and user interfaces of a number of large systems for MS-DOS and MS Windows environments, in C/C++. Developed programs for using specialized and non-standard peripheral devices, such as large-scale digitizers, plotters, and cutting devices. Developed a database and supporting programs of a reference system for managing a railway station.

1986 – 1991. Chorological Industry Research Institute (NIIChasprom),
24/1 Chasovaya St., Moscow, Russia
Senior Research Fellow
Designed and developed a computer graphics package. Developed an arithmetic interpreter enabling the user to enter expressions together with numbers. Designed and developed a fast database-like file system for storing lists, tables, etc.

1984 – 1986. Machinery Institute of the Russian Academy of Science,
4 Griboyedova St., Moscow, Russia
Group Leader
Supervised a team of 5 programmers who developed real-time programs for collecting data during experiments. Developed programs for processing and visualizing the results of experiments.

1980 – 1984. Moscow Aviation Institute, 4 Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow, Russia
Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer
Developed a program simulating the landing of a spacecraft on a planet with thin atmosphere. Developed a program system for computer-aided construction of computational algorithms using graph theory. Designed and developed some utility programs enabling the user to obtain more convenient access to the OS/360 Task Scheduler and file system.